Reiki Classes

Saturday, September 23, 2017. 9:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Level 1 Reiki workshop
Church of the Redeemer
5603 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21210
Over the past fifteen years, I have been practicing Reiki, the Japanese form of hands-on holistic healing. I have witnessed wonderful results with my massage therapy clients. Granite-like traps have melted, anxiety has turned to calm, and people have fallen asleep. So many have fallen asleep! Clients have walked into my office feeling stressed, distracted and sometimes grieving. After experiencing Reiki, most have left feeling centered, calm and ready to face the world. Reiki is a healing modality whose time has come. Shock Trauma at University of Maryland and the Mayo Clinic offer Reiki to their patients, as do many other hospitals. Gilchrist Hospice offers the services of volunteer Reiki practitioners.

While this work with clients and family amazes me, it was my own healing experiences with Reiki that led me to teach others. Throughout my life, I have tried many methods and products to alleviate chronic anxiety. Reiki can be used as both a meditation and mindfulness tool and can be used to complement other modalities, and has helped me enormously. I would love to share this gentle and powerful healing tool with you. 

Here’s what you’ll experience in a Level 1 workshop:
- History of Reiki.
- Calming your fears. (Yes, you are worthy of this gift!)
- Level 1 attunement. This is what starts to make the Reiki flow!
- How to meditate with Reiki.
- How to perform a self-treatment.
- Hand positions for a full treatment for client/friend/family member. We’ll work in pairs.

You will make wonderful new friends and support each other as you enter a path of healing. 

Fee for the workshop- $150. Upon completion, you will be certified as a level 1 Reiki practitioner.
This fee includes your class manual and a light lunch.

After you complete the class and head out into your life with your new skills, I will be offering support along the way. I plan periodic get-togethers for Reiki practice (Reiki playdates!) and am happy to cheer you on as you welcome Reiki into your life. 
Please contact me with your questions or to sign up for a workshop.